Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 46 No.3, December – 2018


Research Articles

Heterosis for economic traits in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)
V.V. Shinde, S.L. Ghavale, H.P. Maheswarappa, B.A. Jerard and S. Sumitha
Pages: 151-155
Evaluation of cocoa plus trees (Theobroma cacao L.) for high yield in Coimbatore plantations
M. Boomiga, V. Jegadeeswari, S. Balakrishnan and P. Jeyakumar
Pages: 156-160
Isolation and identification of bacterial strains from different tea growing areas against Macrophoma sp. in southern India tea plantation
J. Mareeswaran, R. Premkumar Samuel Asir and B. Radhakrishnan
Pages: 161-168
Evaluation of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) genotypes for pod and bean characters
K. Vithya, S. Balakrishnan, V. Jegadeeswari and P. Jeyakumar
Pages: 169-172
Morphological characterization of Indian turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) genotypes using DUS descriptor
S. Aarthi, J. Suresh and D. Prasath
Pages: 173-179
Studies on soil fertility status of coffee growing regions in Wayanad district
P. Shiva Prasad, N. Hariyappa, N. Chandrashekar, G.K. Manonmani, S.B. Hareesh, S.A. Nadaf, M. Jagadeesan, D.H. Venkatesh and K. Sujatha
Pages: 180-189
Mapping soil constraints for coconut using RS and GIS for the major coconut growing region of Tamil Nadu
V. Selvamani1 and V.P. Duraisami
Pages: 190-195
Economic feasibility of on-farm processing and value chain of cashewnut in West Garo Hills of Meghalaya
Lakshmi Dhar Hatai
Pages: 192-203
Pole harvesting - A skillful operation in oil palm fresh fruit bunch (FFB) harvest
P. Preethi, T. Vidhan Singh, D. Ramajayam and M.V. Prasad
Pages: 204-209
Sectoral equations of sustainability: Narrative of plantation sector in India
S. Jayasekhar and Sally Ann Hughes
Pages: 210-217

Short Scientific Reports

Evaluation of selective cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) clones from Central and South America in their initial years of growth
S. Elain Apshara and K.J. Krithika
Pages: 218-220
Diversity of mantids in tea plantation
K.K. Srikumar, S.Smitha, B. Suresh Kumar and B. Radhakrishnan
Pages: 221-223