Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 45 No.1, April – 2017


Presidential Address

Phytophthora: A major threat to sustainability of horticultural crops
P. Chowdappa
Pages: 3-19

Research Articles

Influence of crop combinations and soil factors on diversity and association of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in arecanut based cropping systems
K. Ambili, George V. Thomas, Murali Gopal & Alka Gupta
Pages: 20-32
Assessing status of pests and diseases with cluster approach - A case of coconut in Kasaragod district in northern Kerala
K.P. Chandran, C. Thamban, V.H. Prathibha & P.S. Prathibha
Pages: 33-42
Assessment of variability and performance of new landraces of small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)
P.R. Akhila, V.V. Radhakrishnan, K. Pradipkumar & K.V. Mohanan
Pages: 43-48
Productivity and economic benefits of coconut based vegetable cropping systems under central dry zone of Karnataka
K.S. Naveen Kumar, H.P. Maheswarappa & T.B. Basavaraju
Pages: 49-56
Genetic architecture of cashew germplasm accessions
G.S. Mohana, M.G. Nayak & E. Eradasappa
Pages: 57-65
Build up of soil phosphorus in coffee plantations of Karnataka over three decades
P. Shiva Prasad, J.S. Nagaraja, S.A. Nadaf & M. Violet Dí Souza
Pages: 66-71

Short Scientific Reports

Analysis of farmersí participatory research on mite management in coconut in Bangladesh
M. Nazirul Islam, M. Sayedur Rahman, Ishaqul Islam, M. Samsunnahar, A.K. Azad & A.N.M. Rezaul Karim
Pages: 72-75