Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 43 No.3, December – 2015


Research Articles

Polypropylene woven fabric - A good mulch material for young rubber plants
Kochutresiamma Joseph, Sabu P. Idicula & Sherin George
Pages: 171-177
Characterization of gibberellin 2-oxidase isoforms in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)
M.K. Rajesh, Anitha Karun, Amal Vasu, K.P. Gangaraj & Shafeeq Rahman
Pages: 178-186
Climate change trends in some of the rubber growing regions of North-East India
Shammi Raj
Pages: 187-195
Histological studies of cellular differentiation during somaticembryogenesis of coconut plumule-derived calli
Anitha Karun, M.K. Rajesh, K.K. Sajini, T.P. Fayas, U. Bhavyashree & K. Lakshmi Jayaraj
Pages: 196-203
Physiological comparison of root trainer and polybag plants of Hevea brasiliensis
James Jacob, K. Annamalainathan, S.K. Sonam & K.V. Sumesh
Pages: 204-211
Macronutrient status and yield stability of arecanut (Kahikuchi) under integrated nutrient management practice in Assam
A.K. Sit1, A.K. Ray, M. Hussain, G.C. Acharya & S.C. Paul
Pages: 212-217
Occurrence of extreme temperature events A probable risk on natural rubber cultivation
James Jacob, R. Krishnakumar, P.R. Satheesh & K.K. Jayasooryan
Pages: 218-224

Short Scientific Reports

In vitro multiplication of Coffea arabica F1 hybrid (S.2800) and its performance in the field
B. Muniswamy, H.L. Sreenath, Stephen D. Samuel & Jayarama
Pages: 225-230
A comparative study on antioxidant activity and biochemical profile of exotic cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) clones
M. Senthil Amudhan & S. Elain Apshara
Pages: 231-235
Detection of chitinase activity and its characterization from Pseudomonas fluorescens of tea rhizosphere
M. Suganthi, S. Arvinth, R. Raj Kumar & K.N. Chandrashekara
Pages: 236-239
Growth and yield performance of Trinidad cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) collections in Karnataka
S. Elain Apshara
Pages: 240-244
Cumulative effects of insecticides on generalist predators and parasitoid population in cocoa ecosystem
M. Alagar
Pages: 245-249