Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 43 No.2, August – 2015


Research Articles

Studies on genetic uniformity of Chowghat Green Dwarf and Malayan Green Dwarf varieties of coconut using molecular and morphometric methods
R.V. Nair, Mejosh Jose, P.M. Jacob, M.K. Rajesh & Regi J. Thomas
Pages: 89-96
Long term yield of rubber and timber in some promisinPrang Besar clones in Indiag
C. Narayanan, Alice John & Kavitha K. Mydin
Pages: 97-104
Maintenance of embryogenic potential of calli derivedfrom shoot meristem of West Coast Tall cv. of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)
Anitha Karun, M.K. Rajesh, K.K. Sajini, K.S. Muralikrishna, K.E. Rachana, K. Lakshmi Jayaraj & U. Bhavyashree
Pages: 105-116
Studies on genetic relationships and diversity in arecanut(Areca catechu L.) germplasm utilizing RAPD markers
M.K. Rajesh, Anitha Karun, K.P. Chandran, N.R. Nagaraja, J. Rijith, K.S. Ananda & B.G. Bharath
Pages: 117-125
Growth and yield of new generation clones of Hevea under the agroclimate of sub-Himalayan West Bengal
Kavitha K. Mydin, S. Kumar, S. Meti, T. Meenakumari & G. Das
Pages: 126-130
Analysis of organic farming practices in cocoa in India
K. Muralidharan, K. P. Chandran, S. Jayasekhar, C.T. Jose, C. Thamban & D. Jaganathan
Pages: 131-138
Effect of processing parameters on recovery of hot process virgin coconut oil and co-products utilization
K.B. Hebbar, A.C. Mathew, M. Arivalagan & M.R. Manikantan
Pages: 139-144
Performance of cashew types under Bhubaneswar condition
P.C. Dash, P. Tripathy, K.C. Mohapatra & K. Sethi
Pages: 145-148

Short Scientific Reports

Antifungal activity of plant extracts against Pestalotiopsis palmarum causing leaf blight disease of coconut
A.R. Rasmi
Pages: 149-151
Farm School - An extension tool to increase productivity of rubber smallholdings by improving tapping standards
Ramesh B. Nair, L. Anita Devi & B. Rajeevan
Pages: 152-157
Management of mycoflora in copra using chemicals and bio control agents
S. Arulraj, M. Surulirajan & K. Rajappan
Pages: 158-161
Wallacea sp. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) A new spindle infesting leaf beetle on coconut palm in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
K.M. Shameem & K.D. Prathapan
Pages: 162-164
Management of stem bleeding disease of coconut using Trichoderma sp. and organics
P. Anithakumari, P. Muralidharan & G. Lekha
Pages: 165-167
Evaluation of locally available substrates for mass production of Trichoderma
Vinayaka Hegde, K. Nidhina, K.M. Sharadraj & V.H. Prathibha
Pages: 168-170