Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 42 No.2, August – 2014


Research Articles

Growth and yield performance of some exotic clones of Hevea brasiliensis in North Kerala region
Radha Lakshmanan, T. Meenakumari, T.R. Chandrasekhar & M.A. Nazeer
Pages: 155-162
Identifying and mapping leaf nutrient based constraints for coconut productivity in Coimbatore and Tiruppur districts of Tamil Nadu state, India
V. Selvamani & V.P. Duraisami
Pages: 163-169
Evaluation of African oil palm germplasm for drought tolerance
Sanjeevraddi G. Reddi, D.R. Patil, H.P. Maheshwarappa, S. Arulraj, B.G. Mastana Reddy & B. Chandravathi
Pages: 170-174
Geospatial variability of soil and climate on performance of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg.) in traditional region of India
S. Meti, M. Meerabai, J. Jacob & M. Saifudeen
Pages: 175-184
Performance evaluation of mechanized shelling machine for steam treated raw cashewnuts
D. Balasubramanian & Joycy Rodrigues Lyra Kokila
Pages: 185-190
Mechanical harvesting in tea: A case study of Pasuparai estate
S. Ajaikumar, Siby Mathew, R. Raj Kumar & P. Mohan Kumar
Pages: 191-197
Effect of fertigation on the productivity of coconut
T.B. Basavaraju, H.P. Bhagya, M. Prashanth, S. Arulraj & H.P. Maheswarappa
Pages: 198-204
Estimates of nitrogen fixation by legume cover crops grown in young rubber plantations using 15N isotope dilution technique
P. Prasannakumari, Mercykutty Joseph, M.D. Jessy & Annie Philip
Pages: 205-209
A rapid and simple chitinase assay to screen tea genotypes for resistance against blister blight
S.N. Nisha, G.R. Prabu & A.K.A. Mandal
Pages: 210-214
Socio-economic correlates and determinants of cashew productivity: An analysis of Dakshina Kannada district
M.V. Sajeev, P.L. Saroj & R. Lakshmisha
Pages: 215-222
Microbial population of palm oil mill effluent (POME) and efficiency of selected isolates in biogas production
A.I. Aigbodion, O.N. Ogbebor, E.U. Ikhuoria, S.O. Omorogbe & M. Maliki
Pages: 223-227

Short Scientific Reports

Puzzlements in an evolving commodity chain: The case of tender coconut market in Kerala
S. Jayasekhar, K.P. Chandran, C. Radhika, K. Muralidharan & C. Thamban
Pages: 228-230
Potential of native weed species as nutrient contributors of coconut garden in an Entisol
Jeena Mathew, V. Krishnakumar & C.G. Narayanan Namboothiri
Pages: 231-237
Performance of medicinal and aromatic plants as intercrops in coconut garden
S. Thiruvarassan & H.P. Maheswarappa
Pages: 238-240
Fusarium infections of small cardamom in the field and its management
A.K. Vijayan, Shony M. Francis & M.R. Sudharshan
Pages: 241-245
Variability analysis in bean characters of selected accessions of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)
A.C. Asna, K.T. Presannakumari, J.S. Minimol & S. Krishnan
Pages: 246-251
Phenological variation in two species of Curcuma
P.K. Sajitha, D. Prasath & B. Sasikumar
Pages: 252-255
Isolation and characterization of cDNA encoding cyclophilin gene from dormant bud of Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze
K. Thirugnanasambantham, G.R. Prabu & A.K.A. Mandal
Pages: 256-261
Studies on suitable formulation of entomopathogenic nematode for the management of cardamom root grub, Basilepta fulvicorne (Jacoby)
S. Varadarasan & K. Nagarajan
Pages: 262-264
Disease index for basal stem rot of arecanut in North East India
G.C. Acharya, Ranajana Chakrabarty, Himadri Rabha & Sandip Shil
Pages: 265-267
Pollen fertility in cultivated and wild species of cashew
E. Eradasappa, G.S. Mohana, Thimmappaiah & P.L. Saroj
Pages: 268-271
Software design and application for oil palm kisan mobile message services in India
K.L. Mary Rani, M.V. Prasad, S. Arulraj & G. Krishna Hemanth
Pages: 272-275