Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 42 No.1, April – 2014


Research Articles

Some progressive steps in coconut research and development in Sri Lanka through utilization of molecular markers
Lalith Perera
Pages: 1-5
Influence of young and mature budwood plants on growth and tappability of rubber
V.C. Mercykutty, T. Gireesh & Kavitha K. Mydin
Pages: 6-10
Life tables of cashew stem and root borers, Plocaederus ferrugineus and Polcaederus obesus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
P. Vasanthi & T.N. Raviprasad
Pages: 11-19
Somatic embryogenesis and transgenic development in black pepper for delayed infection and decreased spread of foot rot caused by Phytophthora capsici
J. Sinoj, T.E. Sheeja, R.S. Bhai, E.J. Suraby, D. Minoo, J. Soji, V.N. Jayakumar, M. Anandaraj, K.C. Bansal & K. Nirmal Babu
Pages: 20-28
High density planting in rubber plantations: Effect on growth and yield
Annie Philip, Radha Lakshmanan, M.D. Jessy & Mary Varghese
Pages: 29-33
Bio-activity of Xanthium strumarium extracts against tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis theivora
M. Sarmah & R.K. Bhola
Pages: 40-47
ATP concentration in latex as an indicator for early evaluation of yield in Hevea brasiliensis
S. Sreelatha, James Jacob, V.C. Mercykutty, Sheela P. Simon, R. Krishnakumar, K. Annamalainathan, S. Sreelatha, James Jacob, V.C. Mercykutty, Sheela P. Simon, R. Krishnakumar & K. Annamalainathan
Pages: 48-53
ATP concentration in latex as an indicator for early evaluation of yield in Hevea brasiliensis
Pages: 48-53
Remunerativeness led acreage response of arecanut in Karnataka state
Kiran Kumar R. Patil, B.L. Patil, G.R. Manjunatha & K.S. Aditya
Pages: 54-61
Technology impacts on area, production and productivity of cashew in Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka
M.V. Sajeev, P.L. Saroj & R. Lakshmisha
Pages: 62-69
Drought tolerance in MnSOD transgenic Hevea brasiliensis in a dry sub-humid environment
K.V. Sumesh, P.R. Satheesh, S. Sreelatha, S. Ravichandran, A. Thulaseedharan, R. Jayashree, R. Krishnakumar, K. Annamalainathan, Meena Singh & James Jacob
Pages: 70-77
Drought stress responses in tolerant and sensitive varieties of black pepper (Piper nigrum Linn.)
K. Vijayakumari & Jos T. Puthur
Pages: 78-85
Plant hormones and oxidative stress in Hevea brasiliensis
R. Krishnakumar, P.K. Ambily & James Jacob
Pages: 86-93
Soil and water conservation measures for sustainable coconut production: Impact of interventions under Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme
C. Thamban, A.C. Mathew, P. Subramanian & K. Muralidharan
Pages: 94-100
Design and development of dehusker suitable for fresh arecanut
D. Asokan, D. Manohar Jesudas, R. Kavitha & T. Senthilkumar
Pages: 101-107
Influence of growth regulators on certain reproductive parameters of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) variety Bhaskara
Lakshmipathi, J. Dinakara Adiga & D. Kalaivanan
Pages: 113-116

Short Scientific Reports

Characterization of a spicata mutant of coconut palm in India
V. Arunachalam, M.K. Rajesh, B. A. Jerard, C. Jayabose & C.V. Sairam
Pages: 108-112
Climatic and terrain influence on acidity, exchangeable bases and cation exchange capacity in soils of coffee plantations of Karnataka
K.S. Anil Kumar, K.M. Nair, P. Krishnan, L.G.K. Naidu & Dipak Sarkar
Pages: 117-123
Evaluation of contrasting management systems on rhizosphere microbial population, quality and yield of black pepper
T.V. Anupama, D. Jacob, G. Heera, P. Jayaraj & V.P. Neema
Pages: 124-127
The diurnal leaf water potential patterns of pruned and un-pruned tea clones in Darjeeling Hill
R. Kumar, J.S. Bisen & B. Bera
Pages: 128-132
Effect of time and level of pruning on flowering, fruit-set and nut yield in cashew
B. Prasanna Kumar, D. Srihari & K. Umamaheswara Rao
Pages: 133-138
Management of anthracnose of black pepper with biocontrol agents
A.K. Vijayan, K. Dhanapal & J. Thomas
Pages: 139-141
The status of white root rot in rubber plantations in Nigeria
N.O. Ogbebor, V.I. Omorusi, K. Orumwense & K. Ijie
Pages: 142-144
Nutrient content in the leaves of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) in relation to variety
T.R. Rupa, D. Kalaivanan, Reshma & P. Rashmi
Pages: 145-150
Effect of root pruning and size of poly bag on the growth and vigour of coffee seedlings
M.M. Venkatesha, S. Kamala Bai & C. Babou
Pages: 151-153