Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 41 No.1, April – 2013


Presidential Address

Chlorophyll fluorescence-based non-invasive techniques to detect and quantify climate stress on plants
James Jacob
Pages: 1-7

Research Articles

Net primary productivity, carbon sequestration and carbon stocks in areca-cocoa mixed crop system
D. Balasimha & S. Naresh Kumar
Pages: 8-13
Conservation and utilization of soft endosperm coconut accession from Andaman Islands
B.A. Jerard, V. Damodaran, V. Niral, K. Samsudeen, M.K. Rajesh & M. Sankaran
Pages: 14-21
Role of agro-management techniques in reducing the immature phase of natural rubber cultivation
Sherin George, Shankar Meti & Sabu P. Idicula
Pages: 22-27
Characterization of ginger rhizome lectin and its efficacy in controlling red spider mite in tea
P. Sathyapriya, A. Kalaivani, S. Arvinth, A. Roobakkumar, R. Raj Kumar & P. Mohan Kumar
Pages: 34-39
Genotypic variations in chlorophyll fluorescence and stomatal conductance of cocoa in relation to drought tolerance
D. Balasimha, S. Elain Apshara & C.T. Jose
Pages: 40-45
Influence of integrated nutrient management on forms of soil acidity, aluminum and iron on turmeric cultivation in acid alfisol
Dhanbir Singh & S.P. Dixit
Pages: 46-50
Long term yield response of low frequency tapping and yield stimulation in clone RRII 105
K. Karunaichamy, K.U. Thomas & R. Rajagopal
Pages: 51-56
Influence of variety and season in the inflorescence sap production in Cocos nucifera L.
K. Samsudeen, V. Niral, B.A. Jerard, Mukesh Kumar, P. Sugatha & K.B. Hebbar
Pages: 57-61
Does leaf rust disease matter for India’s coffee farming? Evidence and implications from a recent household survey
M.R. Narayana
Pages: 62-70
Analysis of organic farming practices in coconut in South India
D. Jaganathan, C. Thamban, C.T. Jose, S. Jayasekhar & P. Anithakumari
Pages: 71-79

Short Scientific Reports

Integration and expression of osmotin gene in Hevea brasiliensis, via Agrobacterium mediated transformation
K. Rekha, R. Jayasree, S. Sushamakumari, S. Sobha, R. Supriya & P.A. Nazeem
Pages: 80-85
Studies on thin layer drying characteristics of ginger (Zingiber officinale) in a mechanical tray drier
E. Jayashree & R. Visvanthan
Pages: 86-90
Pollen viability and vigour in interspecific hybrids (E. guineensis x E. oleifera) of oil palm
K. Sunilkumar, R.K. Mathur, D.S. Sparjanbabu & A.G.K. Reddy
Pages: 91-94
Intercropping in cashew orchard with tuber crops in the Konkan region of Maharashtra
M.S. Gawankar & S.N. Pawar
Pages: 95-97
Design concept for developing a back pack power mounted harvesting equipment for oil palm
Ravindra Naik, S.J.K. Annamalai, S. Prabinkumar, M.V. Prasad & Vidhan Singh
Pages: 98-100
Benefit cost ratio analysis of coconut based cropping systems
L. Girijadevi, R. Gladis & Biju Joseph
Pages: 101-104
Farmers’ adoption pattern in high yielding oil palm plantation - A survey
M.V. Prasad, Ananta Sarkar, K.L. Mary Rani & J. Jameema
Pages: 105-108