Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 40 No.3, December – 2012


Research Articles

Etiology and epidemiology of Ganoderma wilt of coconut in dry tracts of southern Karnataka
K.B. Palanna, B. Boraiah, M.S. Nagaraj, T.B. Basavaraju & N.E. Thygaraj
Pages: 153-157
Integrating organic manure to reduce chemical fertilizer input and enhance growth in young rubber plantations
Annie Philip, Mary Varghese, V.K. Syamala, Kochuthressiama Joseph, M.D. Jessy & N. Usha Nair
Pages: 158-162
Effect of temperature on the antioxidant activity of fresh turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa L.)
Shamina Azeez, K.S. Krishnamurthy & V. Vani Chitra
Pages: 163-167
Effect of fertilizer application through micro-irrigation technique on nutrient availability and coconut productivity
P. Subramanian, R. Dhanapal, A.C. Mathew, C. Palaniswami, A.K. Upadhyaya, S. Naresh Kumar & D.V.S. Reddy
Pages: 168-173
Technology utilization among coconut farmers of root (wilt) disease affected areas
P. Anithakumari, K. Muralidharan & S. Kalavathi
Pages: 174-179
Stress responsive transcripts and their association with drought tolerance in Hevea brasiliensis
Molly Thomas, M.B.M. Sathik, L.P. Luke, K.V. Sumesh, P.R. Satheesh, K. Annamalainathan & James Jacob
Pages: 180-187
Status of rodent damage to coconut in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Ajanta Birah, S. Arun Kumar & R.S. Tripathi
Pages: 188-192
Performance of power tiller mounted turmeric harvester at optimized crop and operational parameters
S.J.K. Annamalai & Ravindra Naik
Pages: 193-198

Short Scientific Reports

Effect of salinity stress and osmotica on embryogenesis and plant regeneration from MnSOD transgenic cell lines in Hevea brasiliensis
R. Jayashree, K. Rekha, S. Sushamakumari, S. Sobha, P. Kumari Jayashree, R.G. Kala, M. Jiji & A. Thulaseedharan
Pages: 199-202
DNA markers for identification of oil palm varieties
M. Jayanthi, A.V.R. Kamala, C. Tamil Selvan & P.K. Mandal
Pages: 208-211
Foliar fungal pathogens associated with middle whorl yellowing symptoms of coconut in southern Kerala
C. Anju, M. Suharban & P.J. Joseph
Pages: 212-214
Studies on silicon solubilizing bacteria in south Indian tea soils for biocontrol activity
P. Ponmurugan, K. Hemalatha & S. Marimuthu
Pages: 215-219
Growth and yield performance of rubber clones in Meghalaya
M.J. Reju, A.P. Thapliyal, M.A. Nazeer, T.A. Soman & H.K. Deka
Pages: 220-223
Performance evaluation of paddle type and push up type coconut climbing devices
Dushyant Singh, H.L. Kushwaha, A.C. Mathew, T.S. Manoj Kumar, K.B. Hebbar, K. Madhavan, George V. Thomas & V.K. Bhargav
Pages: 224-226
Genetic variability in long pepper (Piper longum L.)
B. Suma, Riya Joseph, Alice Kurian & E.V. Nybe
Pages: 203-207