Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 40 No.1, April – 2012


Research Articles

Effect of organic and inorganic nutrition in cashew
N. Yadukumar, R. Rejani & S.L. Nandan
Pages: 1-8
Constraints in adoption of integrated management for root (wilt) disease affected coconut areas - An analysis of Alleppey district
P. Anithakumari, K. Muralidharan, S. Kalavathi & S. Remabai
Pages: 9-15
A comparison between the effects of coconut oil and other vegetable oils on human health, with emphasis on heart disease
Shamina Azeez, Rajagopal Vellamoor, T. Jayarama Pai & Arunachalam Vadivel
Pages: 16-22
Assessment of resistance level in tea red spider mite, Oligonychus coffeae against certain acaricides
A. Roobak Kumar, A. Babu, M. Sankara Rama Subramaniam & P. Kumar
Pages: 23-27
Performance evaluation of dual mode dryer for in-shell cashew nuts
D. Balasubramanian & T.N. Sandeep
Pages: 28-34
A simple method for rapid determination of residual water content in rubber cup lumps
D.B. Nair, James Jacob & N.R. Nair
Pages: 35-39
Economic impact of arecanut based cropping systems: A study of Dakshina Kannada district-Karnataka
S. Jayasekhar, C.T. Jose, C. Thamban & K. Muralidharan
Pages: 50-55
A nutrient decision support system for rainfed cashew
R. Rejani, N. Yadukumar, R. Rejani & N. Yadukumar
Pages: 40-49

Short Scientific Reports

Effect of coal ash on physio-morphological and bio-chemical parameters of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)
S.K. Padhi, S.C. Swain, S. Rath & M. Kar
Pages: 56-60
Screening and in vitro evaluation of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from rhizosphere and roots of coconut palms (Cocos nucifera L.) growing in different states of India
Priya George, Alka Gupta, Murali Gopal, Litty Thomas & George V. Thomas
Pages: 61-64
Effect of size of planting material on the yield of elephant foot yam intercropped in a coconut garden
L.S. Verma, Kamal Narayan, S. Arulraj, S. Agrawal & Deo Shankar
Pages: 65-67
Effect of certain ant attractants on cashew nut yield
R.C. Gajbhiye, P.M. Haldankar, P.R. Shivpuje & M.S. Gawankar
Pages: 68-70
Antimicrobial activities of polyphenol extract of arecanut against pathogenic bacteria
M. Senthil Amudhan
Pages: 71-74