Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 39 No.1, April – 2011


Presidential Address

Towards understanding the physiology of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)
D. Balasimha
Pages: 1-10

Research Articles

Rootstock-scion grafting on physiological efficiency of arabica coffee seedlings
Mallikarjun G. Awati, G. F. Dísouza, N. S. Renukaswamy, C. G. Anand, D. Venkataramanan, M. Udaya Kumar & Jayarama
Pages: 11-18
Efficacy of rhizospheric Bacillus spp. for growth promotion in Theobroma cacao L. seedlings
Litty Thomas, Alka Gupta*, Murali Gopal, Priya George & George V. Thomas
Pages: 19-25
Impact of inorganic fertilizer substitutions by vermicomposted coconut leaves on productivity and economics of coconut
H.P. Maheswarappa, George V. Thomas, Ravi Bhat, C. Palaniswami & S. Jayasekhar
Pages: 30-34
Effect of different doses of fertilizers on different densities of cashew plantation
Mini Poduval & N. Yadukumar
Pages: 35-40
Molecular genetic analysis of arabica coffee hybrids using SRAP marker approach
M.K. Mishra, Asha M. Bhat, N. Suresh, S. Satheesh Kumar, D. Padmajyothi, N. SuryaPrakash, Anil Kumarm & Jayarama
Pages: 41-47
Irrigation efficiency in coconut gardens-A comparative analysis of different systems of irrigation
A.C. Mathew & C. Thamban
Pages: 48-56
Influence of planting material and nutrients on herbage and oil yield of patchouli grown under coconut
Ravi Bhat & V. Krishnakumar
Pages: 57-61
Competitive adsorption and Interaction of Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd in coffee growing soils of South India
Maria Violet DíSouza, B.S. Sherigara, S. M. Prasanna, B.S Hareesh & Jayarama
Pages: 62-67
Sustainable productivity and economics of arecanut based high density multi-species cropping system under Brahmaputra valley region of Assam
M. Hussain, A.K. Ray, H.P. Maheswarappa, P. Subramanian, Ravi Bhat, V. Krishnakumar & G.C. Acharya
Pages: 68-72
Fruit and seed development in Elaeis oleifera (HBK) Cortes under tropical climate of Kerala
Murugesan, H. Haseela, M.V.M. Shareef & S. Gopakumar
Pages: 73-77
Entomopathogenic nematodes - science, technology and field outreach for biological control of cardamom root grub
S. Varadarasan, N.M. Hafitha, L. Sithara, R. Balamurugan, S.S. Chandrasekar, M.A. Ansar Ali & J. Thomas
Pages: 86-91
Cocoa sweating, a promising culture medium for mass production of fungal bioagents
P. Ambilikutty Amma & R. Chandra Mohanan
Pages: 92-98
Field management of coconut leaf rot disease with biological control agents, their bioformulation and viability in organics
N. Srinivasan, R. Bharathi, Shanty Issak & G. Rajeev
Pages: 99-104
Seasonal and system wise variation in disease and insect pest incidence in plantation crops of Wayanad district
Jacob John, M. Joy, S. Sarada, V. Sinoby & N.S. Saritha
Pages: 105-109
Managing tea mosquito bug (Helopeltis antonii Sign.) in cashew by augumenting red ants (Oecophylla smaragdina (F.)
K.M. Sreekumar, N.Vasavan, S. Madhu, J. Sijila, M.P. Sreedharan, S. Sreelekha & Tom Cheriyan
Pages: 110-113
Yield potential and phenotypic variation of fruit and seed characteristics of oil palm duras at Thodupuzha
P. Murugesan, J. Meenu Merlin, Dipu Joseph, S.J. Bindu, R.S.N. Pillai & K.U.K. Nampoothiri
Pages: 114-118
Studies on storage of ginger seed rhizome in zero energy cool chamber under northern dry zone of Karnataka
A. Shadap1, N.K. Hegde & S. Patil
Pages: 119-124
Economic evaluation of high density multispecies cropping system in root (wilt) disease affected coconut (Cocos nucifera) area in Kerala
V. Krishnakumar, H.P. Maheswrappa, S. Jayasekhar & M. Shanavas
Pages: 125-130
Improving income from coconut cultivation through farm level value addition - An analysis
P. Anithakumari, M.S. Rajeev & Jissy George
Pages: 131-136
Determinants of Indian coffee prices: An econometric analysis
Shripad Bhat, K. B. Umesh & D. Sreenivasa Murthy3
Pages: 137-140
Evaluation and refinement of community approaches in coconut technology transfer
S. Kalavathi & P. Anithakumari
Pages: 141-147
Coconut climbing methods and devices: A participatory analysis of constraints and strategies
C. Thamban, A.C. Mathew, K. Muralidharan, P. Subramanian, T. Vidhan Singh & K. Madhavan
Pages: 148-152

Short Scientific Reports

Genetic analysis in Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) collections obtained from Nigeria
S. Elain Apshara & R.V. Nair
Pages: 153-156
Studies on extent of pollination and fruit set in cashew
D. Sundararaju
Pages: 157-160
Evaluation of drought tolerant oil palm genotypes for their performance in Konkan region of Maharashtra
R.C. Gajbhiye, M.S. Gawankar, S. Arulraj & S.L. Patil
Pages: 161-163
Investigations on the allelopathic compatibility of pepper with multipurpose trees for use as standard in homesteads
Jacob John, Shirmila Jose & Roy Stephen
Pages: 164-166
Impact of nutrition mode, shade and irrigation on leaf nutrient status and yield of robusta coffee (Coffea canephora)
S.B. Hareesh, Jayarama, J. Keshavayya, S.M. Prasanna & Maria Violet D'Souza
Pages: 167-170
Growth and yield performance of coconut hybrids in maidan tract of Karnataka
T.B. Basavaraju, K.B. Palanna, T.N. Lavanya, M. Prashanth & S. Arulraj
Pages: 171-173
Biomass productivity, carbon stocks and carbon sequestration of cocoa in relation to planting density and canopy regimes
D. Balasimha
Pages: 174-176
Reconciliation to the underestimations of soil organic carbon by the Walkley and Black technique for coffee tracts of Karnataka
S.M. Prasanna, A.N. Manjunatha, B.H. Kumarswamy, S.B. Hareesh, M.V. D'Souza & Jayarama
Pages: 177-180
Yield and plumbagin content as influenced by irrigation regimes in Plumabgo rosea as intercrop in coconut garden
A. Latha & V.V. Radhakrishnan
Pages: 181-183
Composite leaf litter decomposition and nutrient dynamics in coffee
N. Hariyappa, Maria Violet D'Souza, S.M. Prasanna, A.N. Manjunatha, B.H. Kumaraswamy & Jayarama
Pages: 184-186
ICRI-7 : A high yielding cardamom variety for Wayanad
V.V. Radhakrishnan, K.M. Kuruvilla, K.J. Madhusoodanan, K.V. Mohanan & J. Thomas
Pages: 187-189
Influence of weather parameters on leaf rust disease incidence of arabica coffee cv. S.795
S. Daivasikamani, Rajanaika, P. K. Vinod Kumar, Sudhakar S. Bhat & Jayarama
Pages: 190-192
Potential of Mallada boninensis Okamoto (Neuroptera: Chrysophidae), as a biocontrol agent of Oligonychus coffeae Nietner (Acarina: Tetranychidae) infesting tea
A. Babu, D. Vasantha Kumar, V.K. Jasin Rahman, A. Roobak Kumar & C. Sundaravadivelan
Pages: 193-195
Compatibility of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorokin with some chemical and botanical pesticides used in coconut pest management
Sneha Soman & Chandrika Mohan
Pages: 196-200
Genetic divergence in some elite landraces of small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)
T.K.Hrideek, V.V.Radhakrishnan, K.V. Mohanan, K.M.Kuruvilla, K.J.Madhusoodanan & J.Thomas
Pages: 201-202
Selection of waterlogging tolerant tea (Camellia sinensis L.) genotypes
D. K. Deka, D. Borah, T. Lahon, U. Baruah, A. K. Handique & T. S. Barman
Pages: 203-209
Photosynthetic characteristics in cashew accessions
Ramalaxmi, Suchith Naik, D. Balasimha & M.G. Nayak
Pages: 210-212
Survival of inoculum and initiation of infection in coconut nursery by Phytophthora palmivora Butl.
A.R. Rasmi & Rohini Iyer
Pages: 213-215
DNA loci based characterization of tea germplasm for screening accessions with quality traits
Jibu Thomas & R. Raj Kumar
Pages: 216-219
Utilization of an entomopathogenic fungus, Lecanicillium lecanii (Zimmermann) and neem kernel aqueous extract for the management of Scirtothrips bispinosus (Bagnall) infesting tea
M. Sankara Rama Subramaniam, A. Babu, A. Roobak Kumar & D. Vasantha Kumar
Pages: 220-223
Differential gene expression in relation to drought tolerance in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)
Renu Kushwah, P.A. Nazeem, S. Manjula, R. Keshavachandran & Sherin Jose
Pages: 224-227
Impact of continuous shear harvesting on photoassimilate compartmentalisation in mature tea
R. Raj Kumar, Jibu Thomas & A.K.A. Mandal
Pages: 228-231
Chlorophyll fluorescence, stomatal conductance and yield of cashew germplasm from three agro-climatic regions of South India
D. Balasimha, Ramalaxmi, SuchithNaik, M.G. Nayak, S. Jeeva, M.N. Narasimha Reddy & C.T. Jose
Pages: 232-235
Utilization of the bacterium, Pseudomonas putida as a potential biocontrol agent against red spider mite, Oligonychus coffeae, (Acari: Tetranychidae) infesting tea
A. Roobak Kumar, Vattakandy Jasin Rahman, D. Vasantha Kumar, A. Babu & M. Sankara Rama Subramaniam
Pages: 236-238
Evaluation of actinomycetes isolated from southern Indian tea plantations for the biological control of tea pathogens
P. Ponmurugan, V. Elango, S. Marimuthu, T.C.Chaudhuri, D. Saravanan, B. Mythili Gnanamangai & K. Manju Karunambika
Pages: 239-243
Lipid profile of virgin coconut oil processed by different methods
T. Arumuganathan, K. Madhavan, A.C. Mathew & Sugada Padmanabhan
Pages: 247-251
Thin layer drying characteristics of in-shell cashewnuts using convective dryer
D. Balasubramanian & T. N. Sandeep
Pages: 252-255
Design and development of manually operated coconut splitting device
T. Vidhan Singh
Pages: 256-259
An economic analysis of desiccated coconut production in major coconut growing regions of Karnataka
A.B. Tejaswini, P.S. Sri Kantha Murthy, M.G. Chandrakanth, N. Nagaraj, H. Chandrashekar & B.S. Sreeramu
Pages: 260-264