Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 37 No.2, August – 2009


Research Articles

Performance of indigenous and exotic clones of rubber in india
Alice John, Y. Annamma Varghese & Sadanand K. Mushrif
Pages: 97-101
Evaluation and identification of high yielding trees in Nigerian cocoa germplasm
S. Elain Apshara, V.R. Bhat, K.S. Ananda, R.V. Nair & D. Suma
Pages: 111-116
Qualitative analysis of interspecific hybrids of oil palm for bunch components and fatty acid composition
P.K. Mandal, G. Sujatha & T. Krishna Kumar
Pages: 117-122
Comparative study of soils of different landforms under rubber with special reference to erodibility indices/factor
G.C. Satisha & A. Ulaganathan
Pages: 123-128
Effect of integrated nutrient supply on yield and uptake of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum L. Maton.)
M. Dinesh Kumar, K.M. Devaraju & D. Madaiah
Pages: 129-133
Activation of defense enzymes in arecanut (Areca catechu L.) seedlings upon inoculation with biocontrol agents
C. Kannan & C.T. Jose
Pages: 134-137
Rainfall interception and nutrient flux in rubber plantation
Shankar Metia & Sherin George
Pages: 138-145
Assessment of cashew species for molecular diversity
Thimmappaiah, Melwyn Gregory Sequeira, D. Shobha & Shirly Raichal Anil
Pages: 146-151

Short Scientific Reports

Advancing maturity and improving quality of kokum (Garcinia indica Choisy) fruits by post flowering foliar sprays
P.M. Haldankar, S.R. Shinde, M.M. Burondkar, A.D. Rangwala, A.V. Somavanshi & S.D. Nimbalkar
Pages: 152-153
Genetic variability studies on yield related characters of tea (Camellia spp.) genotypes
S. Babu
Pages: 154-156
Effect of organic manures and biofertilisers on nutrient uptake, yield and quality of Plumbago rosea grown as intercrop with coconut
S. Mini, V.V. Radhakrishnan & A. Latha
Pages: 157-159
Occurrence of Huang hook moth, Hyposidra infixaria Walker (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in tea plantations of Dooars, West Bengal, India
Anirban Basu Majumder & Tapan Talukdar
Pages: 160-161
Root distribution of arecanut (Areca catechu L.) under rainfed condition in hill zone of Karnataka
N.K. Hegde, S.I. Hanamashetti & Prasad Kumar
Pages: 162-165
Tapping panel dryness in Hevea brasiliensis: Investigations on the gene transcripts from latex by suppression subtractive hybridization
M.B. Mohamed Sathik, Rani Mary Jose, Deena T. Kochunni, Mrudula P. Musthapha, Molly Thomas & James Jacob
Pages: 166-170