Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 35 No.3, December – 2007


Research Articles

Adaptability to low soil phosphorus in rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) : Role of roots and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Jessy, M.D., Meera Bai, M., Sasidharan Nair, A.N & Shankar Meti
Pages: 133-138
A new field screening methodology for cashew genotypes against tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis antonii Sign
S. Pathummal Beevi & G K. Mahapatro
Pages: 139-145
Restructuring of homestead farms for sustainable income and employment opportunities
V. Krishnakumar, D.V.S. Reddy, C. Thamban & C.V. Sairam
Pages: 146-151
Integrated farming of coconut based homesteads in root (wilt) affected area The impact of extension interventions
P. Anithakumari
Pages: 152-157
Soil fertility status as influenced by arecanut based cropping system and nutrient management
Ravi Bhat & S. Sujatha
Pages: 158-165
Influence of drip irrigation on growth and yield of bush pepper (Piper nigrum L.) intercropped in coconut garden in laterite soil
C.K. Thankamani & P.K. Ashokan
Pages: 166-170
In vitro studies on management of bud rot disease of arecanut caused by Phytophthora sp.
Ranjana Chakrabarty & A.K. Ray
Pages: 171-174
Effect of different particle sizes of sulphur on yield and quality of China hybrid tea (Camellia sinensis (L) 0. Kuntze)
Prakash Chand, D.K. Sharma & Neerav Vashisht
Pages: 175-177
Productivity and profitability of spice based cropping system under forest ecosystem of Kanyakumari district
T. Thangaselvahai, J. Prem Joshua, C. Gailce Leo Justin & M. Jayasekhar
Pages: 178-180
Comparative study of chilli constituents in six commercially grown varieties of Capsicum annum
L. M. Madhava Naidu, H.B. Sowbhagya, G Sulochanamma & Sampathu S.R
Pages: 181-187

Short Scientific Reports

Field evaluation of a larval parasite Bracon hebetor Say against coconut black headed caterpillar
V. S. Desai, D. D. Nagwekar, P. D. Patil & A. L. Narangalkar
Pages: 188-189
Mass production of biocontrol agents in coconut water based media
N. Srinivasan
Pages: 190-194
On the identity of two confusing species of Braconidae (Hymenoptera) parasitic on Opisina arenosella (Walker)
M. Sheeba & T. C. Narendran
Pages: 195-197
Effect of frost damage on the biochemical and quality constituents of made tea
B. Radhakrishnan & MNK Ganapathy
Pages: 198-200
Efficacy of pruning in enhancing bean yield of cocoa
D. Balasimha
Pages: 201-202