Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 33 No.2, August – 2005


Presidential Address

Journey towards greener pasture: Research on drought tolerance
V. Rajagopal
Pages: 83-89

Research Articles

Identification of low caffeine coffees in some interspecific hybrids and their progenies
A. Santa Ram, E.P. Indu, A. Chandrashekar, GA. Ravishankar & D. Ganesh
Pages: 90-94
Influence of fertilizer regime on potassium dynamics in a red sandy loam soil
A. K. Upadhyay, C. Palaniswami, H. Hameed Khan & J. Balamurugan
Pages: 95-98
Recycling organic wastes of cashew plantations by aerobic composting
N. Yadukumar & S. L. Nandan
Pages: 99-102
Effect of micronutrients on some biochemical properties of rhizosphere soil and yield of ginger
Shampa Guchhait, A. Chakravarty, J.K. Hore & D. Mukherjee
Pages: 103-106
Effect of systemic fungicides, aqueous extracts of oil cakes and inorganic soil amendments on Thielaviopsis paradoxa and its antagonistic fungi in vitro
B. Ramanujam, K.K.N. Nambiar & Rohini Iyer
Pages: 107-111
Intensity of attack by the eriophyid mite, Aceria guerreronis Keifer on coconut as influenced by nut growth rate
Ambily Paul, Thomas Biju Mathew, S. Naseema Beevi & K. Saradamma
Pages: 112-115
Cocoa economy: An international perspective with special reference to Indian scenario
S. Jayasekhar, C.T.Jose, C.V.Sairam & S.Arulraj
Pages: 116-123
Economic evaluation, technology adoption and constraints of existing tea plantations of Himachal Pradesh
M.S. Pathania, G.D. Vashist & D.K. Sharma
Pages: 124-129
An economic impact assessment of drip irrigation technology in arecanut plantations : an empirical evidence from Karnataka
B. Chinnappa & Kulapathi Hippargi
Pages: 130-134
Perception of cashew demonstration farmers towards recommended soil and water conservation and plant protection measures in cashew An analysis
R.Venkattakumar, T.N. Raviprasad & M. Gangadhara Nayak
Pages: 135-137
Participatory methods in coffee extension: Perceptions of stakeholders
M. Indira
Pages: 138-142

Short Scientific Reports

Results of grafting laterals of black pepper (var.Panniyur 1) on Piper colubrinum Link as rootstock for bush pepper
V. N. Kore, Kavitha Shende, P. M. Haldankar & G. D. Joshi
Pages: 143-145
Degradation of quinalphos during the processing of black CTC tea
K. N. Manikandan, N. Muraleedharan & R. Selvasundaram
Pages: 146-148