Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 32 No.2, August – 2004


Research Articles

Tea quality: Present status of research in India
S. Marimuthu & N. Muraleedharan
Pages: 1-12
Allozyme variation in populations of dwarf coconut cultivars
P. Geethalakshmi & V. Niral and V.A. Parthasarathy
Pages: 13-15
Integrated nutrient management of coconut-based farming system for sustained productivity
S. P. Singh, B. L. Manjunath, H. Hameed Khan & Bhanu Shalini
Pages: 16-20
Response of white yam intereropped in coconut garden to organic manures, nitrogen and potassium
G. Suja, V. M. Nair, P. Saraswathi & T.V.R. Nayar
Pages: 21-27
Role of relative humidity and temperature on the survival of Phytophthora palmivora, the incitant of coconut bud rot
A. R Rasmi, Rohini Iyer & K. Vijayakumar
Pages: 28-34
Population status of Trichoderma spp. in different coconut based cropping systems of Andhra Pradesh
B.Srinivasulul, K.Aruna, K.Vijay Krishna Kumar & D.V.R. Rao
Pages: 35-38
Secondary selection in Mangala (VTL 3) cultivar of arecanut (Areca catechu L.)
K. S Ananda, B. Rajesh & B. S. Chowdhary
Pages: 39-44
Comparative study of different turmeric cultivars in areca-based cropping system and open field under Sub-Himalayan Terrai Region of West Bengal
Arun Kumar Sit, K. China Chenchaiah, G. C. Acharya & J. R. Barman
Pages: 45-47
Translocation heterozygosity in Robusta-Arabica hybrids of coffee
A. Santa Ram and M.S. Sreenivasan
Pages: 48-51
Impact of abiotic environmental factors on the fate of fenazaquin residue in tea crop
Shivani Jaggi, Vipin Kumar, S. D. Ravindranath & Adarsh Shanker
Pages: 52-56
Efficacy of pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in cocoa seedling nursery
P. V. Shylaja & C. George Thomas
Pages: 57-60
Effect of direct steam roasting on drying behaviour of cashew kernels
A. G. Powar, S. K. Jain, V. P. Kad, S. R. Dandekar & D. A. Salvi
Pages: 61-64
Phosphorus fixing capacity of tea soils of Anamallais and Nilgiris
S. Venkatesan & S. Murugesan
Pages: 65-69

Short Scientific Reports

Induction of adventitious shoots and somatic embryogenesis from cultured zygotic embryos of Coffea canephora
B. Muniswamy, A. R. Savitha & H. L. Sreenath
Pages: 70-72
Influence of shade regimes on photosynthetic efficiency and yield of ginger cultivars
B. K. Jayachandran, M. Meera Bai & S. R. Sharu
Pages: 73-75