Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 32 No.1, April – 2004


Research Articles

Micropropagation of coffee: applications and limitations
D. Ganesh, H.L. Sreenath & R. Naidu
Pages: 1-12
Forms and contents of sulphur in tea soils of Himachal Pradesh
Pritam K. Sharma, S. P. Dixit & O.N. Sharma
Pages: 13-17
Dynamics of soil-applied carbofuran and accumulation of residues by black pepper vine grown on laterite soil
Betty Bastin & P. A. Wahid
Pages: 18-24
Management of basal stem rot disease of Areca catechu L. in India
Rohini Iyer, Parvathy Meera, G. Lekha, Vinayaka Hegde & M. Gunasekharan
Pages: 25-27
Ganoderma spp., biological control, botanicals, antagonists, arecanut basal stem rot
B.Srinivasulu, K.Aruna, K.Vijay Krishna Kumar, Sabitha Doraiswamy & D.V.R. Rao
Pages: 28-31
Performance evaluation of a cleaner-cum-grader for black pepper
P. Heartwin Amala Dhas, Shinoj Subramanian, M.Balakrishnan, R.Viswanathan & V.V.Sreenarayanan
Pages: 32-36
Studies on coffee extracts relating to antioxidative and weedicidal properties, and stabilization of chili colour
Nidhi Singh, M. Madhava Naidu, S. R. Sampathu & B. S. Ramesh
Pages: 37-42
Effect of different mulch materials on the growth of rubber seedlings in nursery
H.K. Deka, T. Parimelazhagan & M.J. Reju
Pages: 43-46
Studies on growth, bulking rate and yield of some turmeric cultivars
P. Choudhuri & J. K. Hore
Pages: 47-50
Cost of production and capital productivity of coconut in Kerala, India
C. Latha Bastine, Jacob Thomas, Santhosh Narayanan & N. Aswathy
Pages: 51-54

Short Scientific Reports

Shoot characteristics of some tea germplasm
Aditi Smith & S. C. Barua
Pages: 55-56
Biology of turmeric thrips, Panchaetothrips indicus Bagnall (Panchaetothripinae : Terebrantia: Thysanoptera)
O. Tarunkumar Singh, V. S. Chochong & R. Varatharajan
Pages: 57-58
Screening of coconut cultivars against root (wilt) disease
R. V. Nair, P. M. Jacob & R. Ajith Kumar
Pages: 59-60
Influence of weather factors on oviposition and egg parasitism of tea mosquito bug in the tender flush stage of cashew
D. Sundararaju
Pages: 61-63
Effect of different insecticides and bioproducts on cashew shoot tip caterpillar, Hypatima haligramma Meyrick
R. N. Mohapatra, L. K. Rath & B. K. Routry
Pages: 64-66