Journal of Plantation Crops

Vol. 31 No.1, April – 2003


Presidential Address

Prospects for the coconut industry*
P. Rethinam
Pages: 1-7

Research Articles

Fingerprinting of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) accessions using DNA markers
V. Nagarajul, Guohao He, V. A. Parthasarathy & C. S. Prakash
Pages: 8-13
Floral biology of some coconut accessions
M.J. Ratnambal, V. Arunachalam & M. Krishnan
Pages: 14-22
High density multi species cropping system for root (wilt) affected :oconut gardens Its impact on productivity and economic viability
H.P. Maheswarappal, P. Anithakumari & C.V Sairam
Pages: 23-27
Isolation of microbial pathogens of Aceria guerreronis, the coconut eriophyid mite
Murali Gopal, Rohini Iyer, Vinayaka Hegde, K. Subaharan, V.K. Sosamma, Alka Gupta, Chandrika Mohan, C.P.R. Nair, M. Gunasekaran & R. Chandramohanan
Pages: 28-31
Towards formulating IDM measures for the management of basal stem rot disease of coconut
V. Jayalakshmi, T. Ganapathi. R. Rabindran Fasal Rajan, S. Nakkeeran & R. Vimala
Pages: 32-34
Stomatal characteristics of different species of Coffea L.
M.K. Mishra, A.S. Ram, D.P Jyothi, N.S. Prakash & C.S. Srinivasan
Pages: 35-39
Relation between physiological parameters and productivity of tea plants
P. R. Jeyaramraja, T. Balasaravanan, R. Raj Kumar & P. K. Pius
Pages: 40-45

Short Scientific Reports

Influence of harvesting stage and drying on quality of Piper chaba Hunter
P. Heartwin Amala Dhas, P. N. Rajesh, T. John Zachariah, P. A. Mathew & Shinoj Subramanian
Pages: 46-45
Study of floral biology of some cultivated tea (Camellia spp.) growing in the upper Assam region of north east India
Bejoy Neog & I D Singh
Pages: 50-52
Economic significance of intercropping systems in new arecanut plantations under two irrigation methods
B. Chinappa
Pages: 53-56
The eupelmid egg parasitoid of the pentatomid bug, Halyomorpha marmorea F. in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka
Mariamma Daniel, T. C. Narendran & S. Keshava Bhat
Pages: 57-59
Quality of copra in relation to the drying methods
K. Madhavan, George V. Thomas & B. Chempakam
Pages: 60-61
Epidemiology of basal stem rot (Ganoderma wilt) disease of coconut
B. Srinivasalu, K. Aruna, DVR Rao & H. H. Khan
Pages: 62-63
Correlation of weather parameters with the incidence of major foliage and flower pests of cashew in Orissa
R. Mohapatra & P. C. Lenka
Pages: 64-65